Blood Wedding (2020)

Up In Arms presents

Blood Wedding

retold by Barney Norris

Up In Arms and Wiltshire Creative present an explosive retelling of Lorca’s folk classic, Blood Wedding.

A Wiltshire village, 2019. Rob and his fiancee Georgie are checking out the village hall for their wedding reception. They think it’s ideal, but Rob’s mum isn’t so sure and wonders if they are rushing into things. Just when they begin to talk her round, a school friend of Georgie’s turns up, along with an old flame who could shatter the wedding plans. Very soon Georgie’s past is making her question who really is the love of her life.

Barney Norris’s explosive retelling of Lorca’s classic tragedy sets the action firmly in a modern day village community that’s rocked by revelations and gossip.


Teresa Banham – Helen

Emmet Byrne – Lee

Reece Evans – Rob

Eleanor Henderson – Danni

Lily Nichol – Georgie

Jeff Rawle – Brian


Writer | Barney Norris

Director | Alice Hamilton

Designer | James Perkins

Lighting Designer | Johanna Town

Sound Designer | Harry Blake


LAMDA, May 29th – June 6th, 2019

Salisbury Playhouse, Feb 6 – 22, 2020