Up In Arms is a multi-award-winning touring theatre company from the south west of England. Through a process of workshop development, we engage communities and listen to their stories as a way to make new plays. We have presented those plays in theatres, woods and village halls across the UK.

Artistic Director: Barney Norris

Barney Norris is a writer and theatremaker whose work has received the International Theatre Institute’s Award for Excellence, the Critics’ Circle Award for Most Promising Playwright, a South Bank Sky Arts Times Breakthrough Award, an Evening Standard Progress 1000 Award, a Betty Trask Award and the Northern Ireland One Book Award, seen him elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and been translated into nine languages. For more information visit barneynorris.com.

The Company

Up In Arms has made work with Beth Absalom (stage manager), Teresa Banham (actor), Linda Bassett (actor), David Beames (actor), Carys Rose Beard (designer), Sarah Belcher (actor), Ana Beltscheva (producer), Harry Blake (composer and sound designer), Emmet Byrne (actor), Ed Clarke (sound designer), Tara Claxton (stage manager), Rob Colquhoun (sound engineer), Chloe Courtney (producer), Dom Coyote (composer and sound designer), Fly Davis (designer), Rebecca Denby (stage manager), George Dennis (composer and sound designer), Alex Dickens (lighting designer), Hasan Dixon (actor), James Doherty (actor), Liz Eddy (producer), Madeleine Ellis (makeup artist), Delyth Evans (designer), George Evans (actor), Reece Evans (actor), Henry Everett (actor), Caroline Faber (actor), Sally Ferguson (lighting designer), Jack Finch (actor), Timmy Fisher (composer), Roseanna Frascona (actor), Andrew French (actor), Ian Gelder (actor), Tom Gibbons (sound designer), Nick Gordon Smith (director of photography), Jack Greenyer (production manager), Alice Hamilton (director and co-artistic director, 2011-20), Rob Heaps (actor), Eleanor Henderson (actor), Nicholas Holdridge (lighting designer), Robert Holman (writer), Ashley Illmann (stage manager), Annie Jenkins (writer), Ellie Keel (producer), Anouska Lester (costume supervisor), Natalie Lloyd (assistant director), Michael McCabe (focus puller), Nick May (production manager), Will Measham (stage manager), Emily Moitoi (stage manager), Frank Moon (composer and sound designer), Kate Moore (producer), Katie Moore (actor), Lucy Morris (stage manager), Simon Muller (actor), Ben New (colour grader), Lily Nichol (actor), Nisha Oza (producer), Sophie Parrott (casting director), Tessa Peake Jones (actor), James Perkins (designer), Ellie Piercy (actor), David Poole (sound mixer), Jennie Quirke (costume designer), Jeff Rawle (actor), Francesca Reidy (designer), Charles Reston (actor), Joe Robertson (actor), Tammy Rose (production manager), Josephine Rossen (stage manager), Jasmine Sandalli (production manager), Sophia Simensky (costume designer), Robin Soans (actor), Vicky Smart (designer), Charlotte Sutton (casting director), Alice Sykes (actor), Simon Gethin Thomas (lighting designer), Colin Tierney (actor), Johanna Town (lighting designer), James Varley (editor), Miguel Vicente (lighting designer), Connie Walker (actor), Sue Wallace (actor), Howard Ward (actor), Ally Watson (assistant director), Sarah Wilson (producer), Eleanor Wyld (actor), Charlie Young (stage manager) and David Storey, who passed away in the months before we began work on his play The March on Russia.