The Orange Tree Theatre in association with Up In Arms present


by David Storey

'A good wife. Home. Children. I don't know what else it's all about.'

The memory of a family. The memory of a country. The memory of a moment when people hoped for more.

As the Pasmores prepare to mark their sixtieth wedding anniversary, their three children surprise them by returning home to celebrate.

A moving evocation of a family and a way of life retreating into old age, retirement bungalows and modern middle class life. Storey's play is written with profound affection for a family struggling with change but bound together by love.

The play's first major production since premiering at the National Theatre in 1989.

Alice Hamilton and Up in Arms return to the Orange Tree following their critically acclaimed production of Robert Holman's German Skerries with a play that typifies the warmth and human detail of Up In Arms' work.

David Storey's (1933 - 2017) plays include In Celebration, Home, The Contractor and The Changing Room.


Sarah Belcher - Wendy

Ian Gelder - Mr Pasmore

Colin Tierney - Colin

Sue Wallace - Mrs Pasmore

Connie Walker - Eileen


Writer | David Storey

Director | Alice Hamilton

Designer | James Perkins

Lighting Designer | Nicholas Holdridge

Composer and Sound Designer | Harry Blake

Costume Designer | Sophia Simensky

Casting Consultant | Sophie Parrott CDG

Stage Manager | Emily Moitoi

Deputy Stage Manager | Charlie Young

Assistant Stage Manager | Beth Absalom

March on Russia


Orange Tree Theatre, London | 7 Sept - 7 Oct