Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Up In Arms present


curated by Barney Norris

Everyone in Southampton knows someone who worked at Ford.

In Swaythling, there stood a factory. Built in 1939 to assemble aircraft parts, it switched to producing parts for Spitfires during the second World War. In 1953, it was taken over by Ford.

Half a century later, Ford moved production of all passenger cars out of the UK, leaving Southampton's plant as the only British factory. It made the Transit, the iconic white van.

In 2009, Ford moved production to a new plant in Turkey, reducing the workforce to 500. In 2013, the factory closed down completely. Take a seat inside our van and listen to this brand new audio play curated by Barney Norris.

Based on real-life accounts by former Ford employees who recall a place which, through all its highs and lows, was always at the heart of its community.


Cast to be announced


Writer | Barney Norris

Director | Alice Hamilton


Nuffield Southampton Theatres | 1 Jul - 31 Aug 2019