Up In Arms, the Pleasance Theatre and Ellie Keel present


by Annie Jenkins

"Things don't change no matter how much you want them to. You try, you run away, you make things new but they're not. Same old shit covered in lipstick."

Maud, a woman on the run from damage buried in her past, has sheltered Cynthia from the wildness of the world for the last few years. Cynthia loves Maud, and Maud loves Cynthia, but now she's starting to suffocate. When she meets Dennis, a security guard at the office where she works, she thinks for a moment that she's glimpsed an escape.

Annie Jenkins' savage, funny, deeply loving debut gives heartfelt voice to the fractured life of the modern city and the cost of pop culture. A play about sex, lies, damage, and the ceilings on our dreams from a writer who shows us both how powerful and how powerless it feels to be young, and trying to dream a future into being.

IN LIPSTICK is a major new production at the Pleasance, from the multi-award winning theatre company Up In Arms whose "heartbreaking" (New York Times) productions have been acclaimed for "capturing the still, sad music of humanity" (Michael Billington, The Guardian)


Caroline Faber - Maud

Alice Sykes - Cynthia

James Doherty - Dennis


Writer | Annie Jenkins

Director | Alice Hamilton

Designer | Delyth Evans

Lighting Designer | Simon Gethin Thomas

Sound Designer | Ed Clarke

Stage Manager | Lucy Morris

Production Manager | Jack Greenyer

Producer | Ellie Keel

In Lipstick


Pleasance Theatre, Islington | 8 Jan - 27 Jan 2019